Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crypto Coin Counter v1.02 has been released.

Crypto Coin Counter is a free Google Spreadsheet designed to track the approximate value of your Crypto Coins, including BitCoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC), and other coins offered by the supported exchanges.  It shows you the estimated net worth of each coin tracked in BTC and USD, and shows the estimated total value of your coins in either LTC or BTC, and in a supported currency of your choice.  All estimates are based on the latest price at your chosen exchange, or the latest currency conversion rates from Google Finance.  Of course fees and the depth of the market are not taken into account, so please keep that in mind.

Supported Exchanges:

  • BTC-e
  • Bter
  • Cryptsy
  • MtGox
  • Vircurex
Please Click Here to visit the Crypto Coin Counter page.

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