Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cryto Coin Counter 1.12 released

Changes in 1.12:
- Better handling of API errors when getting latest prices, including retries on 502 errors. (I'm looking at you Crytpsy.)
- Other optimizations to the API code.

You can get the latest version HERE.

Plans for the next version:
- Allow for tracking coins not listed on supported exchanges.  (Already working in the development version.) 
- Allow for the addition of exchanges that use a fairly standard API without requiring the release of a new spreadsheet version.

Wish list for future versions:
- Automatically load balances from exchanges with compatible APIs.
- Automatically load balances from mining pools with compatible APIs.  (Most are not compatible, so this is a lower priority)
- Allow selection of which exchanges/coins to include in the pick lists.

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