Crypto Coin Counter


Crypto Coin Counter is a free Google Spreadsheet designed to track the approximate value of your Crypto Coins, including BitCoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC), and other coins offered by the supported exchanges.  It shows you the estimated net worth of each coin tracked in BTC and USD, and shows the estimated total value of your coins in either LTC or BTC, and in a supported currency of your choice.  All estimates are based on the latest price at your chosen exchange, or the latest currency conversion rates from Google Finance.  Of course fees and the depth of the market are not taken into account, so please keep that in mind.

Supported Exchanges:
Getting Started: 
  1. You will need a Google Account to use this spreadsheet.  If you do not already have one please Click Here to create one
  2. Click Here to open a read only view of the spreadsheet
  3. From the File menu (in Google Apps, not your browser), select Make a Copy...
  4. When the popup appears, rename your copy if desired, and click OK
  5. Your personal copy of the spreadsheet will open.  You may want to close the read only copy now to avoid confusion.
  6. Important Note:  Only change the white fields, editing the shaded fields will most likely cause problems.  If your copy is broken please just download the latest version.
  7. In the header there is a preferences section, select your preferred cryptocoin and currency for your totals, and your preferred exchanges for LTC->BTC and BTC->USD conversion.
  8. Start entering your coins:
  • Select an appropriate exchange from the pull down list for estimating the value of your coin in LTC, BTC or USD.
  • Enter a note if desired, I typically record where the coins are held, for example 'LTC at BTC-e' or 'LTC at LTC Mining Pool'.  You can have multiple lines for the same type of coin.
  • Enter the quantity of that coin.
  • Repeat until all your coins have been entered.
  • Click Get Latest Prices to get the latest exchange prices.  You will need to authorize the scripts to run the first time you use them.
Now that you have your coins entered and have updated the latest prices you should be able to see your estimated values.

Updating to a new Version:
  1. Follow the instructions above to step 7.
  2. Open your old version.
  3. Highlight from A5 to C??? until all your coin entries have been selected.
  4. Press Ctrl-C (or Command-C on OS X) to copy.
  5. Open the new version. 
  6. Right click cell A5 and from the menu select Paste Special > Paste values only.
  7. You may need to reselect any exchanges that might not be supported in the new version.
Updating the Latest Prices:

Simply click the Get Latest Prices button to update the prices.

Note: The exchange prices do not update automatically, you will need to click the Get Latest Prices button on a regular basis to see the most recent prices.  This is to avoid overloading the exchange APIs with unnecessary queries.  It has also been coded to only look up exchange rates you have selected, and only look up each one once if it appears multiple times.

Updating the Exchange and Currency lists:

These do not change often, but if you find your list appears to be out of date you can update these lists from the CryptoCoinCounter menu on the Google Apps menu bar.


This spreadsheet is provided As-Is, but if you run into issues please check the FAQ.


Donations are welcome, please send them to the addresses below:
  • BTC: 1L9dabiQHxDamNFAnEUzfQgeLSByy3a2kZ
  • LTC: LUS5372tArxH4Feag9hgoixyVTWiQwCok2
Version History:  
1.20 - 2014-01-01 - Allows for manual entry of coins not listed on the supported exchanges, and supports the addition of additional exchanges with fairly standard APIs without a version upgrade.
1.12 -  2013-12-29 - Better handling of API errors when getting latest prices, including retries on 502 errors (I'm looking at you Crytpsy), and other optimizations to the API code.
1.11 - 2013-12-23 - Bug fix for BTC holdings.
1.10 - 2013-12-21 - Added 3 more exchanges, added support for holding Fiat (Cash) at the exchanges, and improved totaling functionality.
1.02 - 2013-12-19 - Minor fixes to the update code.
1.01 - 2013-12-19 - Initial Release.


  1. Nice nice nice nice, If you can get all the exchanges up , people will be sending you .15 +

    This is so beneficial for people like me who aren't in IT.

    1. Glad to hear you find it useful. Any particular exchanges you would like me to look at adding next?

  2. You what would really rock? A way to compare say buying A coin with B coin vs buying A coin with C coin, if you catch my drift? Compare prices of B and C coin and find which one is actually cheaper to buy A coin with.

    1. I follow you, I will put it on the wish list.

      For now you can add the exchanges for the coin you want to compare to the current spreadsheet, enter the number of coins you plan to buy/sell on each line, and see which looks better. Of course since the depth of the market is not considered you may not be able to complete the entire transaction at the quoted price, but it is a good starting point. Just remember to remove these coins when you are done or your estimated totals will be incorrect.

  3. Wow serious? Nice man, thanks and would be nice :)

    Is it possible to maybe look at cryptostocks and havelock investments also? in future time willing, ill donate after the holiday we are about to go on, keep up the good work


    1. Sites with a compatible API I can add fairly quickly. When I have some time I will look at these sites and see what I can do.

      I know with coinedup I will need to request an API key, so hopefully this app meets their API requirements.

    2. I took a quick look at the 4 you suggested:
      - - Requires a signed API key, currently not supported by my script. Each user would likely need to request their own API key as well.
      - - Looks like they are going down for extended maintenance, I will take another look after the updates are done.
      - cryptostocks - This one should work, I will do some testing.
      - Havelock Investments - I didn't find an API for this site.

  4. Also please consider their API is published here:

    1. The API uses looks like it will work, but I will need to do some code edits before I can add it. My current code cannot undo the multiplication of the last price the API uses. An easy fix, I will add this to the to do list for the next version.


    I would actually not care too much about a specific exchange rate, but even an average, can you pull these live prices into the spreadsheet? I have about 40 alt coins and most of them are on the list.

    Thanks man, I really cant wait to put all my coins in the 1 spreadsheet! :)

    1. I will take a look. I don't see an API but I might be able to get it to work.

    2. That would be awesome, I can only use 1/4 of my total coins on the sheet atm and cryptsy often has errors updating

  6. So nice of you to share your work with us, thx man

  7. Hi thank you for this spreadsheet. I was also looking for a way that I could add in all my list of faucets and pull the time in to let me know when I needed to go back to them again? Will this spread sheet do this task? If not do you know where I could get a hold of one, right now I am hopping from site to site and it is really time consuming especially when you enter in the code only to discover you still have more minutes to wait to do that faucet.

    thanks so much

    1. Interesting idea, but not a current feature of this spreadsheet. I don't use faucets so I'm not aware of anything that might do what you are asking.

  8. Can you add Bittrex as an exchange please, and the following coins as well


    Excellent Work!! Thank You for sharing